Lisa Blackmore Brown vs. The British Psychological Society

 It’s not happening in Russia nor in China… It’s happening in a country supposedly in love with democracy and supposedly in line with democratic principles: UK.

It’s been more than a week now that Dr Aubrey Blumsohn has been concentrating his efforts on elucidating what has become a huge story of deception, hypocrisy, bamboozlement and most of all a story of psychological harassment

On his blog, he tells us about the true story of Lisa Blackmore Brown, a psychologist specialized in Autism, ADHD and Aspergers. For raising a dissenting voice, for defending her point of view and for asking for open debate, she has been stigmatized by the British Psychological Society and literally diagnosed as mentally insane!

It is about freedom of expression, denial of open debate, personal harassment, censorship and most of all of misdemeanor, felony and unethical conduct on the part of a prominent academic body which runs a website on which you can find such items as “Charter”, “Rules”, “Ethic”, “Code of Conduct”. For whom? For the others of course!

Do what I say but not what I do…

I’d like to suggest a new name, more appropriate, for the British Psychological Society:

“The Soviet Psychological Squad”

Must-read links:

Scientific Misconduct Blog (Dr Aubrey Blumsohn)

Lisa Blackmore Brown website

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3 Responses to “Lisa Blackmore Brown vs. The British Psychological Society”

  1. Gill Says:

    What better than to defame defame wayward professionals by citing mental illness as opposed to rational argument.

  2. John Stone Says:

    The first thing everyone needs to know about this matter is that until Aubrey blew it with my assistance, and Rita Pal’s ( the case was being held in secret for Lisa’s protection (Ho! Ho!). What it is that they did not want you to know is beginning to emerge slowly, but it presents a fascinating insight into modern Britain that people’s lives can be silently trashed, while lawyers and professional bodies connive – the story is as thick and gruesomely fascinating as a Dicken’s novel, and some of the characters as bizarre. But everyone needs to follow this because it is as important as anything unfolding in the news today.

  3. Eric Says:

    Beware anybody who takes on the big pharmaceutical companies. They have their hands in everything, and make VAST amounts of money from things such as vaccines and cnacer research.
    I am saddened that somebody in autism research can be got at so easily by the lowlifes at the top of the ‘medical’ tree. You know, the ones that specialise in researching remedies to combat SYMPTOMS, not ones that combat the CAUSE!!
    God help us when these people start marketing their wonder cures for autism…when autism treatment is readily available (albeit sometimes expensive!).

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